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Dillman Video

What We Do

What's the story? 


As a network of former journalists, photo-journalists, and production professionals, we know that's the first and most important question we can ask of every project.  Story-telling is by far the best approach to each video we do in order to engage the audience and keep them watching to the end.

We are experts at story-telling. And we love what we do.

No, not every corporate production has to have this human element. Some videos just aren't meant to have that.  That's okay, because we do those, too!  We're also happy to discuss personal video projects.

What you'll find at Dillman Video is a one-stop shop for your entire production. Our goal is to make it easy on you, whether it's your company's first time or whether you've managed dozens of projects in the past.

Our philosophy is 'lean and mean'.  As former journalists, not only do we carry a passion for telling stories, but we also learned to do a lot with a little.  Depending on the project and the budget, a crew of one or a half dozen will tackle your production and deliver your video(s) with pride.  We are not happy until you love it.

Yes, we're headquartered in beautiful Denver, Colorado USA and much of our work is for local clients, but we frequently travel -- sometimes far away -- for our productions.

Give us a call or drop us an email.  We'll noodle on your project and see if we're the right fit. 

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